The Art

Art is the leitmotif of Mrs. Fish, with fantastic visuals informing the overall sensory experience.  This is definitely a “room with a view” of an artistic nature.  Carefully placed throughout the entire restaurant, each piece of modern Japanese art was handpicked with careful consideration from esteemed Tokyo galleries.  Mrs. Fish’s spectacular collection was curated by the owner with guidance from Joni Waka, a Japanese art consultant affiliated with The ART Foundation, and includes thought provoking pieces from contemporary, living artists including photography by ARAKI Nobuyoshi, anime from Japanese pioneer AMANO Yoshitaka, whimsical pieces by artists KATO Ai and YAMAGUCHI Ai and a stimulating piece by MORIMURA Yasumasa, the Cindy Sherman of Japan.  There is no other modern Japanese art collection like this anywhere in Los Angeles, let alone in a restaurant setting.